The primary purpose of this position is to develop, direct, and oversee the music ministries of the church.  This is a pastoral position that requires the individual to serve not solely as a musical leader, but also as a shepherd to the people who serve in this ministry, as well as to the entire congregation. 


  1. Plan, schedule, lead, and coordinate dynamic corporate worship services by choosing hymns and songs that engage the congregation and support the preaching of God’s Word.
  2. Encourage all generations in the church through recruiting, teaching, and training musicians to serve the Lord.
  3. Coordinate and direct weekly rehearsals with the choir, musicians, sound/technology, and associated music ministry staff and volunteers.
  4. Cultivate a Christ-centered community within all areas of responsibility.
  5. Attend weekly staff meetings and participate in the planning and implementation of church ministry and programs aligned with the vision and mission statement of the church for the betterment of the congregation as well as the community.
  6. Organize, administer, and manage all areas of the worship ministry, including the annual budget, in accordance with the financial policies of Central Baptist Church.
  7. Lead and coordinate uses of technology, such as video production, websites, social media, and sound/lighting.
  8. Provide inspiration, leadership, and encouragement for participation in God-honoring music ministries of the church: choir, accompanists, special music, praise band, handbells, etc. (these ministries involve all age groups from children through senior adults)
  9. Actively participate in all church outreach and visitation ministries.
  10. Oversee and approve all musical selections used in weddings and funerals held at Central Baptist Church.
  11. Be responsible for the care and upkeep of all church musical equipment.
  12. Perform other duties as assigned by the senior pastor.


  1. Spiritual Maturity – be a believer in Jesus Christ with an authentic, vibrant, and growing relationship with Him by acknowledging and affirming that regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for new birth and personal salvation
  2. God-honoring – desire to preach , teach, and live the Gospel for the glory of God through the music ministry
  3. Minister’s Heart – always be ready and willing to lovingly share pastoral care and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people
  4. Morals – must be committed to moral purity and maintain moral and ethical standards and practices
  5. Views – must have theological views compatible with the Baptist Faith and Message, with a desire for continued growth and maturity as a godly person through prayer and study of God’s Word
  6. Musical Talent – ability to read and direct both choral and instrumental music
  7. Communicator – possess the ability to effectively and professionally communicate with others in all circumstances – whether leading in worship or engaged in pastoral care
  8. Team Player – prayerfully engage in faithful and clear communication with the pastor and associate staff – support the mission statement and goals of Central Baptist Church
  9. Active in Community – be receptive to invitations and building relationships at every opportunity by sharing Christ through the music ministry with local, civic, and public organizations and events
  10. Personality – must be a self-starter who has a sincere, receptive, and loving heart for all ages of the congregation
  11. Education – preferably hold a bachelor’s degree or a seminary degree
  12. Experience – have proven experience serving in a music ministry 3-5 years
  13. Background – must pass both criminal and financial background checks
  14. Membership – must become a member of Central Baptist Church upon calling