Pastor of Family & Student Ministries Job Description

Job Posted:  September 12, 2018
Full-Time:      Salary and benefits $40,000+ based on experience
Location:       Livingston, Texas

Central Baptist Church of Livingston, TX is a dynamic congregation with a tenured history in the community. The youth ministry currently has a weekly attendance average of 50, and a Sunday Bible Study attendance of 25. We are seeking a full time Pastor of Family & Student Ministries who is not only passionate about youth and families, but also has experience in building and leading teams, and partnering with parents for the spiritual development of youth.


  • Plan, coordinate, integrate, lead and evaluate a family-oriented Christ centered ministry for the students and families of Central Baptist Church including S.S., youth camp, youth band and other related youth events and programs.
  • Recruit and participate with student ministry volunteers to implement a comprehensive program for leading students to a knowledge of saving faith in Christ and to encourage further sanctification and discipleship.
  • Encourage student and families to serve in their church.
  • Encourage, resource and equip parents to minister to their children and view themselves as the primary disciple-makers.
  • Provide biblical support to families and/or students.
  • Encourage a multigenerational community within the church between students, families and senior adults.
  • Provide and support small group discipleship activities for students, be it in church, in home and/or on multiple JH & HS campuses for local school districts.
  • As much as possible attend student activities and events.
  • Develop outreach opportunities to reach students and young families for Christ.
  • Plan and manage student resources including yearly budgetary needs and policies and procedures.
  • Coordinate the student ministry participation in the local, national and international missional focus of Central Baptist Church with Associate Pastor.
  • Maintain a community network of like-minded youth pastors across the county for the purpose of prayer, support and implementation of yearly activities such as SYATP and other such opportunities.
  • Participate in weekly ministerial and staff meetings to plan and discuss church-wide activities and vision.
  • Additional duties as assigned, including preaching and other pastoral duties needed, etc.


  • Must be a committed, practicing, born again disciple of Christ
  • Meets qualifications for biblical leadership as set forth in 1Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • Regularly exhibits the Fruit of the Spirit seen in Galatians 5
  • Practices and teaches personal evangelism
  • Lives a faithful commitment to prayer and the Word
  • Recognizes the importance of discipleship in growing the depth of families
  • Is in agreement with Central Baptist’s Faith Statement


  • College degree or equivalent preferred
  • Ability to teach, develop strategy, solve problems, and other administrative skills
  • Strong, compassionate leader and team player
  • At least 3-5 years full time ministry experienced
  • Prolific knowledge of social media strengths, weakness, and uses preferred
  • Preferably married

    CONTACT:  Kevin Kaleh