Financial Secretary / Office Manager
Position Description

Posted:  March 11, 2020

Central Baptist Church of Livingston, TX is a dynamic congregation with a tenured history in the community. Central’s office is open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 4pm, Friday from 9am to 12pm, and hosts a variety of routine appointments, contacts, visits, meetings, and administrative events throughout the week. As is the mission of the church, we seek to use each and every opportunity provided through these events and functions of the office to preach, teach and live the Gospel to the glory of God. Central’s Financial Secretary / Office Manager is to seek to do just that by ensuring that the church’s finances and office functions are handled in a God-honoring manner by stewarding the resources entrusted to the church well.


-  Work according to the guidelines and policies and procedures proposed by the congregation and church bylaws.

-  Receive funds from whatever source, providing permanent receipt, record them and report them to the church and its leadership (Finance Committee)  
   as provided in the church policies.

-  Collect offerings received during worship services at the conclusion of the program/event, making certain that more than one person is involved in
   collecting and counting the money.

-  To ensure money is deposited in a bank as soon as possible after it is received.

-  To establish a procedure to collect and record money received through methods other than regular offering, including money received through the mail.

-  To produce individual charitable-gift receipts summaries of all donations received during a calendar year and mail within the first two weeks of January
    each year.

-  To disburse all money contributed to the local church budget, keeping accurate records of how money is spent within the approved church budget, and
    maintaining accounts payable files.

-  Payroll Duties – set-up and maintain employment files, and be responsible for payroll, payroll tax deposit and associated paperwork and forms, as well
    as other duties associated with payroll requirements.

-  Also oversee annuity contributions and health insurance accounts for qualified employees.

-  Prepare, in cooperation with lay leaders and pastors, a detailed monthly financial statement to be presented to the church for approval at each regular
    members’ meeting.

-  Attend Budget & Finance Committee meetings.

-  Uses computer applications for the tracking, recording, and processing of financial data.

-  Oversees the daily operation of the church office, ensuring that all functions are completed in effort to glorify God.

-  Primary point of contact for IT and copy machine management contractors

-  Primary point of contact with Facilities Staff regarding event needs, schedules, etc.

-  Administrator for email management

-  Provides in-depth knowledge of the church and its ministry as needed to answer and direct inquiries properly.

-  Other duties including filing, copying, faxing, typing of reports and correspondence.

-  Orders all Sunday morning bible study curricula unless otherwise instructed.




-  Must be a committed, practicing, born again disciple of Christ

-  Regularly exhibits the Fruit of the Spirit seen in Galatians 5

-  Practices and teaches personal evangelism

-  Lives a faithful commitment to prayer and the Word

-  Is in agreement with Central Baptist’s Faith Statement

-  Must be a member in good standing at a local, like-minded church fellowship



-  Various administrative skills

-  Proficient knowledge of computer platforms and web-based programs

-  High school Diploma

-  Prolific knowledge of social media strengths, weakness, and uses prefer