APRIL 28, 2020

Central Church Family,

In prayerful response to the changing recommendations regarding stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus, your pastoral team has met with the Communications Team as well as with Judge Sydney Murphy, and will be continuing our livestream-only schedule with an incremental plan for a return to corporate worship. We understand that there are many opinions and convictions surrounding this issue and we ask that you pray for your church leadership as we seek to honor God, first and foremost, in our decisions and direction. 

Please know that this incremental plan is made out of prudence and utmost care for our local fellowship that God has lovingly and wisely called together. It is with that same fellowship that we so earnestly yearn to finally gather together, as one body rather than multiple bodies, and we pray that this opportunity will come soon, either here on earth or in Christ’s presence upon His return. In either case, to God be the glory, forever and ever!

Our incremental plan is as follows

  • Central will continue to coordinate our livestream-only schedule with the addition of our Worship Band over the days ahead. We will also invite our small groups to consider gathering for watch parties of 10 or less as long as they can continue to honor the social distancing guidelines in whatever setting they decide upon. We would love to see pictures of these small group gatherings as we celebrate the strength of our local fellowship that God has granted!
  • We will resume a corporate-worship-service-only schedule once the Communication Team, including the Pastoral Team, concludes that we can logically and logistically gather together within CDC recommendations for a period of time. Our congregation will be invited to exercise the best level of caution on an individual and family basis. This may include, for example, staying home and joining the livestream, or attending while wearing your face mask and gloves.
  • Sunday morning Bible studies, including nursery and children’s activities, and Wednesday evening worship will resume once the leadership is certain that we can do so with little risk to the well-being of our congregation.

We want to strongly encourage you to use and share the following links for our livestream, Sundays, 9:30am:

Central’s Facebook Page

Central’s YouTube Account

Central’s Website

Given the recent devastation in Onalaska, we are encouraged to see that our church family remains strongly engaged in reaching in and serving one another. This continued contact within our church family is hugely beneficial to those who were impacted by the tornado, as well to our senior adults and to our entire church family. Our phones, emails, and messaging tools continue to be monitored and we hope to minister to any needs that our church family and community may experience.

God continues to provide to our local congregation in many ways, including the continued faithful giving of her members to the congregation as a whole. We encourage you, if you’ve not been able to as of yet, to please prayerfully consider worshiping through giving by mailing in your offering or using our online giving portal here.  The work of this body will continue but only through the faithful giving of her members.

Please also visit our Family Worship Resource Page,which is intended to support you as you seek to lead your family in continued praise and worship. There, you'll also notice a great tool- The Home Worship Guide. Our hope is that this tool will help in guiding your Sunday morning worship at home during the month ahead. 

Lord willing, we look forward to corporately gathering as soon as possible. Stay up to date with the schedules and plans by visiting our website and social media pages frequently.

We love you all and will pray earnestly for the time when we can gather again as one body.

With much hope,
Central’s Pastoral Team

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