We want to equip you as much as we can to worship together though we may be "socially distant." Nothing can replace the gathering of the saints in one place at one time worshipping together. But as we continue to be scattered, here are some things we can all be doing in our homes that we know other members of Central are doing at the same time. May the Lord bless your time of worship in your home this morning and produce much fruit from it.

October 4, 2020 - COLOSSIANS 1:15-20 

"The PREEMINENCE of christ"

PASTOR sam webb


Pastor Zane joins us from University Park once again to continue our expositional study through Paul's letter to the church in Collosae.

Click on the passage above to read the text with us.

  • Pastoral Prayer

    Join us as we pray together in: (click here to pray along with us)

    • Adoration of our saving God
    • Confession of our sin and Christ's payment for our unrighteousness
    • Thanksgiving for God's blessing of salvation and grace upon grace
    • Supplication of our needs, specifically the healing and ceasing of the global pandemic and disunity in our country. 
    • Today's church focus: FBC Barnum, Interim Pastor Keith Woolf.
    • Today's government focus: Polk County Court at Law, Judge Tom Brown.

    Though we are unable to corporately gather together and worship with one voice, We ask that you continue to prayerfully worship through giving by mailing in your offering or using our online giving portal here.  The work of this body will continue but only through the faithful giving of its members.