Financial Secretary Position Description

Posted:  February 1, 2022

Central Baptist Church Financial Secretary:

The financial secretary serves the church by maintaining appropriate and accurate accounting records and statements for the church, working cooperatively with the senior pastor, staff and lay leadership. This person is also responsible to maintain all accounting records, required tax reporting, and generates needed internal reports. General office duties are also included. The financial secretary is accountable to the congregation, church treasurer and the budget and finance committee to receive and record funds that come into the church treasury. The main supervisor of this position is the pastor. The following description is taken from (Sec. V. Sub-Sec. A) of the church’s constitution and bylaws describing the role of the financial secretary; “The Church shall employ a Financial Secretary/Business Manager. It shall be the responsibility of this position to receive and record the receipts and disbursements of all monies received by the Church and will supervise the work of the Tellers. The Financial Secretary shall work in cooperation with the Budget and Finance Committee on all financial and business matters with the Pastor’s input and approval. It shall be the responsibility of the Financial Secretary to prepare a detailed monthly financial statement to be presented to the Church for approval at the regular business meeting.”

General Qualifications: demonstrated Christian faith commitment, active membership in good standing at a local church would be a plus, and: 

  • Experience in fund-based accounting and account reconciliation preferred.
  • Solid understanding of journal entries, bank reconciliations and internal report generation.
  • Strong organizational skills (written/verbal) and attention to detail.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in computer applications including: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and funding and accounting based software like Shelby Next.
  • Understanding of the importance of confidentiality and personal/professional discretion related to the church and its members is crucial.

Primary Functions:

  1. Work according to the guidelines and policies and procedures proposed by the congregation and church bylaws.
  2. Receive funds from whatever source, providing permanent receipt, record them and report them to the church and its leadership (Finance Committee) as provided in the church policies.
  3. Collect offerings received during worship services at the conclusion of the program/event, making certain that more than one person is involved in collecting and counting the money.
  4. To ensure money is deposited in a bank as soon as possible after it is received.
  5. To establish a procedure to collect and record money received through methods other than regular offering, including money received through the mail.
  6. To produce individual charitable-gift receipts summaries of all donations received during a calendar year and mail within the first two weeks of January each year.
  7. To disburse all money contributed to the local church budget, keeping accurate records of how money is spent within the approved church budget, and maintaining accounts payable files.
  8. Payroll Duties – set-up and maintain employment files, and be responsible for payroll, payroll tax deposit and associated paperwork and forms, as well as other duties associated with payroll requirements.
  9. Also oversee annuity contributions and health insurance accounts for qualified employees.
  10. Attend Budget & Finance Committee meetings.

This position is part-time working approximately 28hrs a week with the possibility of being a full time position at some point in the future.

Qualified Candidates: please forward resume to