Choosing Central's Pastor Search Committee The Process & Timeline

From the Constitution and By-Laws of Central Baptist Church

The Pastor Search Committee

“…must be composed of three (3) men and two (2) women chosen from the membership of the Church, none of whom shall be employees of the Church or their spouses. The three (3) men and two (2) women receiving the most votes will comprise the Pastor Search Committee. The same secret ballot shall provide alternates to serve as needed. The next three (3) men who receive the most votes, and the next (2) women who receive the most votes, will comprise the alternates in the order of votes received. Man and wife may not serve on this committee or as alternates.


Please Note

Only members of Central Baptist Church may take part in this vote. According to our Constitution and By-Laws, a member is someone whose name has been placed before the Church as a candidate for membership coming by Baptism, Letter, or Statement and been confirmed as a member by vote at a regular business meeting. In our Constitution and By-Laws, under Church Membership, Section C Rights of Members, it states: Every member of the Church is entitled to vote at all elections and on all questions submitted to the Church in conference, provided the member is present.

PSC Selection Timeline

The process for selecting the next pastor of Central Baptist Church officially commenced August 2, 2020 as we began the nomination procedure for electing the Pastor Search Committee (PSC). The nomination process ended August 9, 2020.  The procedure/process for selecting the PSC is being implemented according to the following timeline as was voted upon in the last Members' Meeting, July 26, 2020.

August 2nd:  Nominations begin.

August 9th: Nominations end. A team of deacons established by the Communications Team will begin contacting
     those whom have been nominated to inquire about willingness and ability to serve on the PSC.

August 23rd: A meeting will be held with all nominees who have agreed to be considered for the PSC.

August 30th: A formal presentation of all nominees will be made available for prayerful consideration by the church
September 13th:  Selection of the PSC through secret ballot in a special called business meeting with no discussion.
September 20th:  Announcement and commissioning of the Pastor Search Committee

Note about the Special Called Business Meeting:
The special called business meeting on September 13, 2020, will be held at 11am in the Sanctuary for the purpose of selecting the Pastor Search Committee through secret ballot without discussion. Given the difficulties posed by the pandemic yet having the process of voting for church action clearly stated in the church’s bylaws, we are reserving two large center sections of the Sanctuary near the main entrance for those planning to only attend the business meeting. We are also asking that all participants wear face masks for this short time of business.  Lastly, we will have three satellite voting locations available for those still concerned about matining a safe distance from others. These locations will be: the Chapel, the Foyer, and the Hospitality Room. A member of our pastoral team will monitor these locations during the special called business meeting and assist those who wish to gather there to vote.

Characteristics of a Healthy Pastor Search Committee

  • Each person should be an active member of the church and respected by the congregation for their activities within the church.
  • Each person should be known for their spiritual maturity as shown within their engagements in the various ministries of the church.
  • Each person should be actively engaged in the spiritual disciplines of prayer and study of scripture, and willing to continue all the more during the search process.
  • Each person should have available time and energy to complete what can be an arduous and long search process.
  • Each person should be in agreement with the vision and mission of the church.
  • Each person should believe in and prayerfully look for the Holy Spirit's participation in the search process.
  • Each person should be teachable and patient, and able to cooperate with the PSC as a whole.
  • Each person should be able to keep confidentialities within the committee.